Wrangler Collies is a small hobby kennel consiting of
Champion & Performance titled Smooth & Rough Collies.

We are located in rural Hunterdon County, New JerseyUSA.

My primary interest lies within Smooth and Rough Collies.
Having grown up with Field-Bred English Springer Spaniels,
I had to add my experiences with them on this site.
I am also concerned with the plight of the Retired Racing Greyhound
and in 1994 adopted 2 Retired Racers.
In 2005 I imported from Brazil to fiesty Smooth Fox Terrier brothers.
Always wanting a small lap dog - but one that had some spunk - I went with the Smooth Fox.

I have been very active in many facets of the dog world.
Such examples are,
Obedience, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility, Earth Dog and Social Therapy Work.
I am also very active in the Breed Ring with the Collies.
I have enjoyed campaigning my dogs, from national rankings in breed and obedience
to winning awards at Westminster Kennel Club, a childhood dream!

Wrangler Collies was established in 1992 with the purchase of my first Rough Collie, Dakota.
He taught me so much about this loyal, intelegent, beautiful breed
and introduced me to the world of obedience trials, performance events and dog shows.
If it were not for him, Wrangler Collies would have never existed.

Wrangler Collies begining was a blending of the following prominent Collie families:
NATURAL - roughs & smooths going back to the
smooth Storm line, rough Hi Vu and rough Tartanside families
STORM - smooths from California
KANEBRIAR - roughs from California
and a touch of PROVENHILL -
which consists of smooths going back to the
rough Vennessee and smooth Elsinore family.

Currently (2012) with the passing of dear friend Adele Gay of Delgayla Collies, PA,
we have obtained her beloved "Suzee".
In September of 2012 we finished her Championship
and she became Ch Delgayla's Seasons of Country.
She is now being specialed and is almost a Grand Champion with AKC

This is how it all started...

In 1995 I met Sharon & Tom Frampton. I fell in love with their Natural Collies.
The Natural Collie line is a blending of the smooth Storm family
coming down from the BISS Ch Storm's TNT ROM line from California and the rough Hi Vu and Tartanside lines.
I was especially smitten with Nugget - A/C Ch Natural Gold, a sable smooth son of Boomer - BIS/BISS A/C Ch Natural Explosion.

A week later I came home with my first sable smooth, April, now known as
Natural Freshness(major pointed) CDX,HT,NC,TT,CGC,TDI,VCX,VA.
Knowing what I know now, April would have easily finished
but despite my novice attempts I gave up and persued a performance career with her.
She excels in that department and like all the other Natural Collies,
she posseses a strong work ethic and desire to want to work.
April garners several obedience High In Trial awards and was Nationaly Ranked as the
2000 # 2 Open Obedience Collie & #1 in the First & Formost system.

Next came Dolly, a fiesty 7 week old blue smooth bitch, also from Natural Collies.
Dolly is now known as Ch Natural Showgirl CD,NC,CGC,TT,TDI,VC.
Dolly finished her Championship and obedience titles breeder & owner handled.

In the spring of 1996 the next Natural Collie joined my family.
He is Lasso - now known as Ch Natural Wrangler CD,CGC,TT,HT,NC,VC,VA.
Lasso finsihed his Championship from the puppy classes!
Just like his 1/2 sister, April, Lasso posseses a strong work ethic
and is also a natural talent in the herding arena!
Lasso became the first Champion here at Wrangler Collies.
In 2000 he became the #2 (overall- Delaney system) Obedience Collie in the USA!!

In the fall of 1997 the next addition to Wrangler Collies became my tri smooth bitch,
Colleen -Ch Storm's Irish Mist HIC OFA, from the Storm family in California.
Colleen is the first collie I owner handled all the way to her Championship.
She is an elegant bitch and a joy to be around
and now a multiple champion producer from her first and only litter.
Colleen is OFA Hips Excellent and OFA Cardiac cleared.

In February 1998 I co bred my first litter with Natural Collies.
The Frampton's gave me the opportunity to co-own
A/C Ch Natural Moments, Precious (the mother to my Dolly)
and I decided to breed her to none other than my favorite Smooth - Nugget, A/C Ch Natural Gold.
The litter was whelped here and consited of 8 beautiful puppies.
My first homebred Champion, Dusty, Ch Wrangler's Natural Moondust CD HT VA OFA,
who is also a Herding Group Winner and High In Trial winner came from that litter.
Dusty was also Best Opposite Sex at WESTMINSTER KC in 2006!
Dusty is co-owned with Shelley & Don Wurst of Harvest Moon Collies in CT.
While Dusty was living in CT in 2000 she was bred to their tri rough dog,
Tristan - Tisbury's Harvest Moon Legend CD CGC HSAs NA NAJ STDs HRDIs VC OFA.
They had 4 beautiful rough puppies and that is when Dusty's son,
Cahill, Wrangler's Harvestmoon Lawman joined my home.

In the spring of 1999, I consider that I was blessed to have Truman,
Ch Storm's Mr President HIC come into my life.
A series of unfortunate events for him, landed him here at Wrangler Collies
which proved to be very fortunate for him.
He is a littermate to my Colleen.
He proved to be a spectacular show dog and accumulated
many, many fantastic memoriable wins.
He finished out 2001 as the #1 male Smooth Collie All-Breed, and was ranked in the Top Ten Hawkins System
which granted him an invatation to show at the Top Twenty Celebration at the
Collie Club Of America National Specialty in 2002 in Riverside, CA.

In the spring of 2002 my friend Sharon Conjelko of Starfire Collies was
looking to place her 9 month old sable smooth son of Ch Provenhill's Legends of Gold X Ch Natural Starfire.
I decided to take the opportunity to add Travis to my home.
Travis is an outcross - but his mother is a daughter of Nugget - A/C Ch Natural Gold
and also a sister to our Lasso - Ch Natural Wrangler CD,HT,NC,VC,VA.
His father, Noah - Ch Provenhill's Legends of Gold is a nice blending
of the Vennessee and Elsinore families,
which I decided would be a nice addition to my geneitcs.
Travis finished his Championship with 4 specialty majors
and is now a Multiple Champion and performance award
winner producer from his first and only litter to date.

After I had finished the Championships on the dogs that I was showing I
decided to look for a bitch from the Kanebriar and Keepsake lines of California.
In the fall of 2002 I was fortunate to then find Shania - Ch. Kanebriar's The Wrangler Way.
She is a daughter of Ch Kanebriar Clockwise and a grandaughter of BIS/BISS Ch Keepsake Telesis ROM
a 3 time Collie Club of America National Specialty BOV winner.

In the Spring of 2003 to breed Colleen to Travis
which is basicaly a line breeding on Boomer - BIS/BISS A/C Ch Natural Explossion.
In July of 2003 I had 8 beautiful rough and smooth puppies.
Out of the 8 puppies 4 are now champions and 2 more are currently
enjoying the performance world gaining titles in that area, including a MACH!

In the spring of 2004 my friend Estelle Carpenter of Wizard Wind Collies
approached me to do a co-breeding between her Champion pointed tri smooth
bitch, Aretha - Wizard Wind's Soul Sister and my Truman - Ch Storm's Mr President HIC.
This litter is very special to us - as it is Truman's first litter after not
having any puppies resulting from 2 previous breedings to different bitches.
How fitting that Father's Day Weekend 2004 Aretha delivered 2 beautiful puppies
1 tri smooth bitch and 1 tri rough dog.

In 2002, after 7 years of handling my own Collies and gaining valuable
experience from Professional Handler, Jane Hobson,
and later Marcelo Chagas, I ventured out into handling Collies for others.
I had much success and enjoyed that aspect of my "career" in dogs alot.
In 2005 I went back into the work force as a Veterinary Technician
and currently still enjoy working in that rewarding field.

Unfortunetly after taking time off from showing and breeding,
my girls got older and the breedings that were done in 2007,2008 and 2009 didnt take...
just like the saying, "if you dont use it you will loose it!"
So that left me with the decison of what to do next?

In January of 2012 my dear friend Adele Gay of Delgayla Collies, PA passed away.
I obtained her beloved "Suzee" and in September of 2012 I finished her Championship.
She is now Ch Delgaylas's Seasons Of Country, and is currently being specialed
"Suzee" is now almost finished with the Grand Championship title!
She will be the first Grand for Wrangler Collies and Delgayla Collies.
If things go as planned I hope to breed her in the winter of 2013.

After falling in love with the roughs of Joan Johnson's Blu Ridge Collies,
I sought out to find a girl to breed to that family.
Joan had a "brainstorm",
and special thanks to Nancy McDonald of Barksdale Collies,
I obtained Ch Lochlaren Barksdale Second Wind,
a tri smooth daughter of Ch Barksdale Lochlaren Encore ROM "Anthony".
"Slinky's" mom is a daughter of the CCA BOV winner,
Ch Kings Valley Demuirs Here I Am, "Cameron".
In October of 2012 I decided to do a Dual Sired Breeding
and "Slinky" was bred to the rough brothers
Ch Blu Ridge Blitz ("Rusty" a sable)
and Ch Blu Ridge Make Way ("Alex" a blue merle), CCA Rough Winners Dog 2012.
On December 7, 2012 Slinky delivered 8 beautiful tri and blue merle puppies!
DNA testing on the litter is pending,
but coat color genetics at least let me know that
"Alex" is the Daddy of the blues!
I look forward to watching them grow!
On a side note, the sire of this current litter
does in fact go back to my original family,
(Ch Natural Gold and Ch Storm's TNT!)
through his father, Ch Blu Ridge Let It Ride AOM, "Rio"
And as they say, "The Rest is History..."

My first Collie, U-CDX North Dakota Wrangler

You can see pictures of the dogs listed above
on the corresponding webpages located within this site.

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